Facebook Bans Cannabis Pages as Canada Legalizes Pot

Facebook Bans Cannabis Pages as Canada Legalizes Pot


On many Facebook pages, the word “marijuana” appears in many instances, some of which are media outlets, activist organizations, or government agencies. But these pages are no longer showing up when searched on Facebook. If you happen to have the URL to these pages, you can confirm they are still existing, and you can visit them. But in case you don’t have the links, Facebook will not tell you where the pages are.


Facebook has done something known as “shadow banning.” Rather than censoring or deleting the pages, Facebook has made them impossible to find. For example, the Facebook page “Marijuana Moment” has been affected by this shadow ban. Their link ” https://www.facebook.com/Marijuana-Moment-1416703338437705/” is accessible. But when the name “marijuana moment” is typed on the search engine of Facebook, it doesn’t show up. No posts, events or groups, with the name “marijuana”, will show up on your searches on Facebook.


It is a really ironical scenario in that social media sites are struggling to deal with marijuana content, but the plant is itself becoming increasingly legal in countries, the most recent being Canada. Advertisements advocating cannabis use or marijuana businesses are being blocked regularly on Facebook. Other social media platforms such as Instagram are also involved in this exercise. Instagram is apparently a property of Facebook. This is being done due to a violation of community standards, which often ban the selling of “illegal drugs.” Other platforms are popping up specifically catering towards cannabis users such as smoke.io where users post freely without censorship.


The algorithms used often block any promotions for articles and other posts which merely mention “cannabis” or “marijuana,”. This scenario often needs lengthy processes of appeals to automatically clear flagged content, which does not violate the terms of service. To make things even worse, the shadow ban has gone further to block the “California Bureau of Cannabis Control” searches on Facebook. This is an agency responsible for overseeing regulation of legalized recreational marijuana in California.


It is Facebook’s right to control and decide the sort of content that should be permitted on the platform. Allowing government agencies and marijuana organizations on its platform but then blocking their showing up on search results isn’t realistic. This seems like something they are doing to appease drug-warrior and nanny-state regulators who may accuse them of promoting criminal enterprise. In addition to all these eventualities, Facebook is increasingly been placed in a position where “refusing to respond” is not an option, as an attempt to get an explanation for the banned pages goes unanswered.


Legalization of Cannabis in Canada.


On the other hand, as Facebook struggles to instil bans on marijuana searches on its platform, Canada has recently legalized Cannabis. But there are rules that have been put in place by Ontario’s Government, in order to keep Marijuana away from youth and children, maintain road safety, as well as combating the illegal market. After an extensive stakeholder and public engagement, laws have been put in place on where, how, and who can purchase cannabis.


The Canadian government has enacted rules for cannabis usage, both recreational and medical. Some of these rules include:


  1. Places to Smoke Cannabis


  • Private residences – this excludes residences that also happen to be workplaces, such as long-term care or retirement homes.
  • Outdoor public places like sidewalks and parks.
  • Designated rooms in motels, hotels, and inns.
  • Residential boats and vehicles that meet particular criteria.
  • Scientific testing and research facilities, in cases where the use of cannabis is for scientific testing and research purposes.


Additional restrictions on weed smoking may exist in lease agreements, municipal bylaws, and policies of property owners and employers.


  1. Driving


Driving under the influence of cannabis is dangerous and illegal. Like many other drugs, marijuana slows downtime of reaction and may increase the chances of being involved in a collision.


If a police officer happens to find you impaired by a drug, which includes cannabis, you may face the following serious penalties:


  • License suspension.
  • Financial penalties.
  • Possible vehicle impoundment.
  • Criminal record.
  • Possible jail time.


  1. Zero Tolerance For Young, Commercial, And Novice Drivers.


It is illegal for you any marijuana in your system if you are driving a car and:

  • you are below 21 years.
  • posses an M1, M2, or G1, G2 licence.
  • you are driving a machine for road-building.

Where to buy recreational cannabis


In Canada, people aged over 19 years can buy cannabis online via the Ontario Cannabis Store. Orders made online will be delivered securely and safely. It is a requirement for consumers to verify their age in order to accept delivery.


At any one time if you need marijuana for personal use, are only permitted to buy a maximum of 30 grams of dried recreational Cannabis. The website of the Ontario Cannabis Store is the only legal option available for where you can buy recreational Cannabis, and it follows strict rules that have been set by the Canadian federal government.


Soon, the government will have a private retail model that will be tightly regulated. The launch of this model is bound to happen on April 1, 2019. The “Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario” is the regulator authorized to offer store licenses. The “Ontario Cannabis Store” will be the only wholesaler to the stores. The private stores that will be introduced will undergo strict controls in order to safeguard the youth and children as they combat the illegal markets.


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